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Future and values

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On the one hand, traffic continues to increase. The traffic jams not only hit the motorways, but also the underlying roads silt up. The traffic increases over time and traffic jams are no longer just concentrate during typical rush hour. This growing congestion threatens the accessibility and quality of life of the centers. On the other hand, the climate clock is also ticking mercilessly. To achieve the Flemish target of producing 35% less CO2 by 2030 compared to 2005, mobility will have to make a significant contribution. Convincing more people to leave their car at home more often and to opt for forms of collective transport is necessary to achieve this objective.

In addition, technological evolutions, including autonomous vehicles, will also have a huge impact on how mobility will evolve. New technologies, new concepts, new opportunities, but also new roles that have to be filled in and taken on. De Lijn has a clear vision of future mobility and what role it can and wants to play in this. The common thread here is focusing on the modal / mental shift and on strong partnerships. All players in the mobility field must help realize that change.


A smart travel companion for a liveable Flanders on the move.


We are the attractive, reliable and efficient partner for sustainable and future-oriented mobility services.


Every employee can contribute to De Lijn's mission and objectives. How do we approach that? Our values show the right direction. Our values tell us how we organize our work.

  • Moving forward together
    A combination of cooperation and moving forward. We don't want to keep pedaling in the same place. Only if everyone is on the same page and we work together can we achieve our goals.
  • In dialogue
    Dialogue means two-way traffic: talking to each other and really listening to each other. An open culture between colleagues. Consultation between an employee and a supervisor, or between colleagues from other departments and entities.
  • Passion for our customers
    Being there for our internal and external customers. Do just that little bit more.
  • Careful entrepreneurship
    We are a company of great diversity. We look for solutions to always work economically and cost-consciously, and this with respect for each other and for our environment.

Strategic goals

  • De Lijn performs all mobility services in an operationally excellent manner for a better service.
  • De Lijn contributes to a sustainable Flanders in which people, the environment and added social value are central.
  • De Lijn integrates customer-oriented innovative multimodal solutions in the range of mobility services. For this she looks for the best partnerships.
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More info

Resolute innovation

How can we improve public transport for you still further? And how can we do so as sustainably as possible? These questions form the basis for our vision for the future. In order to make that vision a reality, we seek resolute innovation at De Lijn.


De Lijn is continuing with the greening of public transport. With the purchase of electric buses (e-buses) we are taking a new, important step towards achieving the climate targets.

Basic accessibility

Where is there a great need for public transport? More public transport will be deployed in those places in the future.