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Integration income

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What and for whom?

In certain cases you are entitled to an annual travel pass(Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas) at a reduced rate. You will be granted this discount if you:

  • are entitled to the integration income or equated with someone entitled to it.
  • are entitled to the equivalent integration income.

What discount will I get?

For an annual travel pass (Omnipas or Buzzy Pazz) you pay just 46 euros.

  • (plus 5 euros administration costs for a MOBIB card if not already in your possession)

How do I buy my discounted travel pass?

If you receive the integration income, the Public Welfare Centre will apply to our travel passes department on your behalf. After this application has been made you will receive a bank transfer form which you can use to pay for your travel pass. We will then send you your travel pass. 

! You cannot purchase your travel pass with transport guarantee discount online.

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