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8 solutions, 8 times more freedom!

You can no longer pay the driver on the vehicle. But don’t worry: there are lots of other ways to pay. Buy your ticket in advance at a Lijnwinkel store or with your mobile phone – or pay contactlessly on the bus or tram.

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EShop travel passes

Buy or renew your travel pass from home in our eShop. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your travel pass.

Eshop m-tickets

Buy your m-ticket via our website. You can choose from m-ticket, m-card10 or m-daypass.

eShop 10-journey Lijn card

Buy your 10-journey Lijn card with or without municipal discount quickly, easily and cheaply in the eShop of our partner Payworld Xpress.

The app

Make your life easy and buy your m-ticket, m-card10, m-daypass, sms-ticket or sms-daypass on the app.

Send a text to 4884

Buy an sms-ticket or sms-daypass before boarding the bus or tram.

Paying contactlessly on the vehicle

Contactless payment on the vehicle is easy to use for occasional travellers.

Ticket machine at the stop

Buy your ticket at one of the 200 ticket machines spread across Flanders.

Lijnwinkel store

Buy tickets, renew your travel pass or drop in for travel information.

Another sales point

Buy your 10-journey Lijn card at your local supermarket, newsagent, railway station or other sales point.