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Transport and services

Transport for your employees

Discover opportunities to provide easy, good value commuter transport for your employees.

Transport for your students

Discover opportunities to encourage your students to take the bus or tram or plan your next school trip with De Lijn.

Transport for your residents

Discover opportunities to encourage your residents to choose sustainable solutions for their mobility needs.

Transport for your visitors

Discover how De Lijn can provide organisational support to ensure ease of access for all your visitors.

Services for your municipality

De Lijn is there for cities, towns and municipalities: Discover information for local authorities.

Transport for your youth group

Discover how De Lijn can help youth groups to reach their camp site easily.


Route planner on your website

Inform your visitors and/or employees about how to get to your location, using the free De Lijn route planner.

Departure times on your info screen

Keep your visitors and/or employees informed of the exact departure time of their bus with the real time departure screen application

Our data in your application

Would you like to help to build tomorrow's public transport system? You can do that by using our data with an open data licence

Offer M-tickets in your app

Find out how to integrate m-tickets in your own mobile application.

Your shop as an external sales outlet

Find out how to offer De Lijn products to your customers.

Combined mobility

Er zijn verschillende duurzame mobiliteitsmogelijkheden. Wij geven de opties, jij kiest!